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Hi kids and welcome to The Animal Source page just for you! On this page you'll find lots of fun stuff and links to other sites that are just for kids and their pets.

Be sure to go to The Animal Source's question and answer board. It's fun, interactive and you'll meet lots of other kids with pets just like yours.

We also have a special page of friends with their pets, and for those of you who like to read, we'll be recomending various animal books geared just for kids!

So look around and have FUN!!

Kids Message Board
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Click here for "Our Friends Out There"
Lots of pictures from all around the world of people and their pets.

Recommended books for Animal loving kids:

Guinea Anmarie Barrie
This is a Save-Our-Planet Book, the profits go to conservation.

The American Nancy J. Hoffman & Cathy J. Flamholtz

Pot-Bellied Dennis Kelsey-Wood

The Complete Dog Book for Kids....from The American Kennel Club

Three Stories You Can Read to Your Sara Swan Miller, True Kelley (Illustrator)

Becoming Your Cat's Best Friend (Pet Friends Series) Bill Gutman, Anne Canevari Green (Illustrator)

Three Stories You Can Read to Your Cat....also by Sara Swan Miller, True Kelley (Illustrator)

I Love Guinea Pigs (Read and Wonder) Dick King-Smith, Anita Jeram (Illustrator)

Becoming Best Friends With Your Hamster, Guinea Pig or Rabbit (Pet Friends Series) Bill Gutman, Anne Canevari Green (Illustrator)

Velveteen Margery Williams, Katherine Wilson (Illustrator)

Cottontails : Little Rabbits of Field and Forest (Kids Want to Know Series) Ron Fisher, Deb Antonini (Editor)

Hoofbeats; The Story of a Cynthia McFarland

Farm Animals (Young Nature Series) F. Everett


Discovery Online - Animal Planet Home Page

Critters USA On-Line

Dog Fancy On-Line

Cat Fancy On-Line

Aquarium Fish On-Line



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